#REMAP scooterboard job completed and delivered #jobdone #charity

REMAP clients with developmental delay and autism find scooterboards useful in helping to develop their core and upper limb strength.

Here we have two large all red scooterboards designed for use by young children, and a smaller car-themed blue scooterboard for the even younger client. They are all rugged in their design, being able to support a large amount of weight. They feature rubberised tyres making them useable on a variety of surfaces, plus an all-round padded bumper to protect furniture and walls. The carpet on the smaller scooterboard is removable and machine washable.

IMG_20141213_185226 IMG_20151018_211338 IMG_20151019_180224

New contract with @AirbusDS #Zephyr solar-powered High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite (UAS/UAV)

“Focus of an aircraft. Endurance of a satellite”

Very happy to announce that Major Engineering will be working on a new contract with @AirbusDS, providing aerostructure design support to this exciting project.

Exclusively solar-powered and flying above the weather, #Zephyr is a highly reliable autonomous payload platform, providing satellite-like wide area persistent presence at low overall cost.


#MajorEngineering to donate design and build effort to #charity REMAP.org.uk

REMAP.org.uk is a fantastic charity dedicated to the design and build of bespoke equipment for disabled people. I am pleased to announce that Major Engineering Ltd will be offering design and build support to REMAP and their clients.

If you would like more information and/or wish to make a donation, please take a look at their website.


Company launch

It is a great pleasure to announce the launch of my new company Major Engineering Ltd, offering Mechanical Design and Consultancy services.

I am always keen to hear from potential clients, so please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance. Also if you would like to follow the company on social media I am on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn.

May I take this opportunity to thank my friends and family for their advice, support and encouragement.

Best wishes,