Great podcast from The Infinite Monkey Cage @TheMonkeyCage

We always get excited here at Major Engineering Towers when engineering gets a specific mention. Listen to the whole thing, however at 13 minutes in there is some very interesting discussion on the link between the popularity of tinkering at home, and the shortage of good engineers.


Recommended podcast from @themonkeycage discussing @BLOODHOUND_SSC


Always thoroughly enjoy the podcasts from The Infinite Monkey Cage, but particularly enjoyed the bias towards engineering in this one. I also couldn’t help but smile when the Eurofighter was mentioned, as I was working on its ejector seats components at that very moment.

I don’t mind admitting that I have never been hugely interested in this project. However, I think the arguments raised during the discussion are valid. Yes there are some useful technologies coming out of it – hybrid rocket engines for example. But if nothing else, this project has the potential to inspire the next generation of engineers. In my humble opinion, this in itself is worth far more than any new technology.